It is the responsibility of the guest at check-out to return the car’s fuel tank filled back to the check in levels. It is mandatory for the hosts & guests to take pictures of the fuel gauge at check in & check out. If the host finds that the fuel level at checkout is not same as check in, the host needs to immediately inform Drive lah support and share pictures of the fuel gauge (before & after). It is the responsibility of the host to report it to Drive lah within 1 hour of the rental being over (the claim will not be admissible after this period).

Not filling up to the level of the start of the trip is inconvenient for the rental process in general and for the host in particular. To encourage guests to fill up sufficiently we charge $4.50 per litre if guests did not take the effort to return the car with sufficient fuel.

There are two ways of estimating claim amount:

  1. Either both guest & host agree on the fuel gap at check out. The guest will be charged at $4.50 x litres as agreed with host.

  2. In case, guest & host don’t agree on the fuel gap, then Drive lah assesses the appropriate amount and the guest is charged at $4.50 per litre. The host receives 80% of this amount.

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