We empower Drive lah hosts to set the kilometres included per day. Hosts can decide how many kilometres their cars can be driven during each trip. While setting a limit won’t necessarily stop your guest from exceeding it, we’ll compensate you (see below) when they do. All you have to do is present documentation and report the issue within 24 hours of the end of the trip. 


At a host’s request, we charge guests for each additional kilometre they’ve driven over the mileage limit for their trip. The funds collected are added to the host’s account to compensate them for the added wear and tear to their vehicle. The charges per additional kilometre to the guest are $0.75 per km. The host share of the additional charge is 80%.

The documentation required is the pictures of the car’s odometer at pick up and drop off or basis the car’s GPS system (if available). The documentation requirement is solely at the discretion of Drive lah.

Hosts can submit the documentation via the online helpdesk (web/ app) within 24 hrs of the trip getting completed.

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