Hosts are counting on guests to return the car at the originally scheduled time. If guests don't, it can put significant inconvenience and stress on the host and possibly future guests.

For the guests, we want to ensure that there is sufficient flexibility when it comes to dropping off as there are practical issues sometimes (traffic, getting stuck due to unavoidable reasons). For this, Drive lah provides a grace period to all guests depending upon the duration of the rental. For e.g. for a rental > 24 hours, the grace period is 2 hours. That means, if a guest was supposed to return the car at 4 pm, then they can eventually return the car till 6 pm. They should put in their best efforts to return the car by 4 pm though. In case they are not able to return by 6 pm, then guests will be charged a late return fee.

Grace period will be as follows:

For bookings >=1 hour to <=6 hours: Grace period of 15 mins

For bookings >6 hour to <=12 hours: Grace period of 30 mins

For bookings > 12 hours to <24 hours: Grace period of 1 hour

For bookings >=24 hours: Grace period of 2 hours shall apply

Late fees are charged at $25 per hour (or the prorated daily trip price at Drive lah's discretion) depending upon the extent to which the delay has happened. This is capped at 2X of the daily/ hourly trip price whichever is applicable.

For e.g. if the daily price of a trip is $80/ day including Drive lah fees (for a >=24 hours booking), and the guest is late by :

a) 2 hours - no late return fees as it is within grace period for a daily trip

a) 6 hours - then the late return charge would be $150 ($25 x 6 hrs).

b) 8 hours - then the late return charge would be $160 (capped at 2 x of daily price)

80% of the late return fees will be paid out to the host. A 4% processing fees shall apply.

In the event of very substantial lateness, additional fines may be assessed at sole discretion of Drive lah. In case it is unclear when the guest will return the car, Drive lah could decide to pick up the car and return the car to the host. The repossession fee is $175.

If any host wishes to assess a late fee for the day, the host should contact Drive lah within 24 hours of the scheduled end of the trip, identifying the guest’s name, and the time the vehicle was returned. If the guest disputes the timing, they should provide evidence indicating when the car was actually returned.

The proof for late returns will be established via pick up and drop off times on the platform solely at the discretion of Drive lah.

If the car is not returned within 48 hrs of the scheduled drop off time, then the guest's card will be immediately charged the security deposit amount.

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