Taking great pictures of your car are very important to make sure your car stands out on Drive lah. You can also contact our team to send a team of professional photographers to take pictures of your car (its free to do so for a while only :).

If you decide to take the pictures yourself, here are a few guidelines for taking them:

  • Make sure you have great lighting! Take your pictures some time after dawn or before dusk, or at high noon.​

  • Take photos in “landscape” format. Portrait photos don’t transfer well to your listing.​

  • Stand at least two yards away from your car when taking the photos and don’t fill the frame with your car. Photos are cropped around the edges when they upload to your listing.​

  • For interior shots, make sure the car is clean and avoid extreme close-ups and extreme distance shots.​

  • Ensure that you do not have people/ unnecessary items featuring in your photo. The focus has to be on the car & it’s aesthetics.​

  • Use a high-quality camera -- if your smartphone doesn’t have a great camera, use a digital camera instead.

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