Drive lah accepts petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid, and electric-powered passenger cars

Drive lah does not accept vehicles such as motorcycles and bikes. Drive lah allows hosts to list passenger vehicles legally registered in Singapore only. Hosts must ensure that their vehicle meets all the requirements below as well as all legal requirements for Singapore. Hosts must maintain their vehicles and ensure they continue to meet our standards as they age.

  1. Be legally registered in Singapore.

  1. Meet our insurance requirements

  1. Have a clean (e.g. not a “branded” or “salvage”) title.

  1. Have never been declared a total loss.

  1. With engine capacity less than 4500 cc

  1. Not having 3 or more accidents in the past 3 years and/or claims amount of $40,000 and above

  1. Meet Drive lah safety and maintenance requirements. Check our maintenance policy for details on this point.

  1. Certain super car models are not covered on the platform.

Above conditions are valid for cars from private hosts. For commercial hosts, only conditions 1,2,3,4,8 are valid. Other conditions are not applicable for cars of commercial hosts.


The following is an illustrative list of vehicles that are ineligible for listing.

  • Construction equipment

  • Farm equipment

  • Limousines

  • Motorcycles

  • Passenger vans that seat more than eight people

  • Vehicles requiring a commercial license to operate legally on public roads

  • Vehicles designed primarily for off-road use

Drive lah reserves the right to modify its eligibility requirements at any time for any reason.

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