In the unfortunate event of an accident, the guest has the responsibility of taking the following actions:

  1. Report the accident to Drive lah at + 65 3138 9153 immediately.

  2. Call our insurance partner (Tokio Marine Insurance) at 18002258647 to report the accident. 

Collect Information

Registration number(s) of the other vehicle(s).

  • Name(s) and contact number(s) of the other driver(s) 

  • Date, time and location of accident.

  • Name(s) and contact number(s) of witness(es), if any 

  • Damages caused to the other vehicle(s). 

  • Damages caused to your own vehicle.

  • Injuries, if any, caused to person(s) involved in the accident. 

  • If possible, take photographs of the positions of the vehicles after the accident, the accident site and the damages caused to the vehicles involved in the accident. 

 Call the police or an ambulance

  • Call ambulance if someone is injured.

  • Report to the police: 1) if injury is sustained; or 2) where a government vehicle or property is involved; or 3) where a foreign registered vehicle is involved; or 4) where a cyclist or pedestrian is involved. 

Report the accident

  • Report the accident at any one of our Approved Workshops.

  • Instruct our approved workshop on whether you are reporting for record purposes, claiming from your own policy or against third party’s policy. 

  • If you are claiming from your own policy, we shall send a surveyor to view your vehicle once we receive the report form and estimated cost of repair.

Work with our insurance partner - Tokio Marine 

  • If they appoint Adjusters or Surveyors, please work with them to assist in the investigations.

  • Forward accident footage from in-vehicle camera to Tokio Maine

Please note that this is valid only if your trip page carries Tokio Marine as your insurance partner. We also have cars which carry their own commercial insurance. Drive lah customer care will guide on specific steps for those cars.

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