To keep prices low and make sure that all members have a good experience, Drive lah relies on all members (both renters and car owners) doing the right thing by their fellow members.

One of these things is quick and smooth communication among members, especially responding to enquiries and booking request swiftly. It can be frustrating for guests to have to wait for an answer to an enquiry or booking request or not even receive an answer at all. 

Another issue is acceptance rates. When guests search for cars for a specific date they will be able to see available cars only as per the listing's calendars. If a car is not available on that specific date it means that the host has not updated the calendar. We understand that it may be difficult to always know when the car will be available, but for a smooth booking process it is required to keep your calendar up to date.

To encourage swift and positive responses we have created certain rules for our platform:

  1. Drive lah tracks response time and acceptance rates for each host, and hosts with quicker response times and higher acceptance rates will appear higher in the search

  2. Hosts that don't respond to enquiries or booking request 5 times or more will be contacted by Drive lah to find out the reason, and see if that can be changed. If the behaviour does not improve within the next month the listing will be deactivated. 

  3. Hosts that have an acceptance rate that falls below 80% will be contacted to see if we can help to increase that number. If a host falls below 50% consistently, Drive lah may decide to (temporarily) deactivate the listing.

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