Drive lah is a platform based on trust & convenience for both hosts & guests. To ensure that our customers get the best experience, we want to ensure full transparency between hosts & guests. There are a number of parameters which are calculated basis host's car sharing history on Drive lah:

  1. Booking acceptance rate: This is number of booking requests accepted divided by number of booking requests received. For e.g if a host has received 10 booking requests and they have accepted 7 out of them, then their booking acceptance rate is 70%. This number is only visible to hosts & Drive lah. This is not visible to the guests. You can check out your booking acceptance rate by clicking on your own profile (go to profile settings and click view profile). Keeping a booking acceptance rate higher than 75-80% helps you because our search algorithm looks at booking acceptance rate while showing search results to guests. So if you have a high booking acceptance rate, you are likely to receive more requests and hence more earning opportunities. 

  2. Response rate: This is the number of enquiries/ requests you actually respond to divided by the total number of enquiries/requests you receive. This is visible to all your guests. Hence it is a good practice to ensure you respond to all enquiries & requests that you receive.

  3. Response time: This is the average amount of time you take to respond to any enquiry/ request. This is also visible to all your guests. Again it is a good practice to ensure that you respond as soon as you can. Hosts with faster response times are likely to get more booking requests.

To be a good host, just remember two things:

  1. Keep your listing's availability updated so that you receive booking requests for days when your car is available. This will help you keep a high booking acceptance rate. Target an acceptance rate higher than 80% atleast.

  2. Ensure that you respond to all enquiries/ requests as soon as you can. This will let guests see that you are a prompt host and are likely to request your car.

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