At Drive lah, trust & transparency is at the core of what we do. We are always looking for innovative technology to help achieve this objective. That is why now we bring an additional layer of transparency & security for our hosts & guests. All our existing hosts are now entitled to a state of the art device which can be readily plugged into the auxiliary power outlet (also known as the cigarette socket). This device brings huge advantages for both hosts & guests. Some of them are:

  1. Full transparency in terms of how the car was driven during the rental period.  Car's geographical location is also stored at the backend and can be accessed under exceptional circumstances.

  2. No need to take pictures of the odometer as the mileage is auto calculated for the trip by the device

  3. In exceptional cases, this device also provides data that can be used for insurance purposes (both for hosts & guests).

How to get this device:
Drive lah has partnered with Quantum Inventions (a company of Continental Corporation) to bring this technology. All Drive lah hosts can collect this device FREE of cost for a limited period at a first come first serve basis . Follow these steps to secure your device:

  1. Fix up your appointment for picking up the device here -

  2. The address for pick up at 449A Bukit Batok West Ave 9, Singapore 651449

  3. It will take just 15 mins for you to pick up this device. There is no installation needed, and you do not need to bring your car.

When you have the device:
Once you have received your device, follow these simple steps before any Drive lah trip begins:

  1. Just plug in the device into the auxiliary power outlet and keep it in. It is MANDATORY for all trips on Drive lah to have this device plugged in. Remember - it is a simple measure to drive trust & transparency. 

  2. Please advise your guest that they should not try to take out the device. There is a penalty on the guest if they take out the device. 

For first 2 months, Drive lah will cover all related costs and it can be returned FREE of charge after the trial.

Cars on the platform that have Drive lah GO built in already have this tracking feature by default (in addition to keyless access), These Drive lah GO cars are not eligible for this program.

Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have.

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