Drive lah aims to set the industry standard when it comes to trust & transparency. That is why it has made it mandatory to have a tracking device plugged in (either Drive lah tracking device or Drive lah Go installed) at all times during a Drive lah trip.

Every host can request a tracking device from Drive lah. Every approved car on the platform is eligible for the tracking device.  Drive lah Go cars are not eligible, because they are already tracked at all times during Drive lah trips besides offering keyless to guests.

Usage and costs:

  1. At all times during a trip, the tracking device must be plugged into the auxiliary power outlet. Remember - it is a simple measure to drive trust & transparency between host & guest.

  2. We strongly encourage guests to check if the device is plugged in correctly before the trip starts. Do check with your host if the device is available & working. If there is an issue, please report it to our customer service team before the trip begins.

  3. Do not remove the SIM card installed or to use the SIM card for any other use other than the primary purpose.

  4. For the first 2 months this service is free for all hosts. After 2 months you can either return the device for free or continue using it at $15 per month.

  5. If the device is not returned upon termination of service, damaged or not working due to misuse of the device, then the host will be charged $100. 

  6. At Drive lah's discretion we can take back the tracking device if a car with tracking device has not been rented out for more than 1 month.

Charges for non-adherence to policy:

  1. For every trip day that the device is found not plugged in, we levy a charge of $25 to the guest. 

  2. If the host has a device and does not provide the same to the guest, then a charge of $25 per day will be levied on the host.

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