At Drive lah, we are committed to providing the best experience to our hosts & guests. We want to encourage hosts to rent out their cars more and drive up their earning potential. For this, we have brought in the EarnMore program. 

Incentive details:

  1. Hosts who complete 10 trip days in a quarter, they get $30 extra

  2. Hosts who complete 20 trip days in a quarter, they get $70 extra

  3. Hosts who complete 30 trip days in a quarter, they get $125 extra

    *Hourly rentals will be calculated basis 12 hour window. E.g. 6 hour rental will be counted as 0.5 trip days

These payouts are over and above the rental fees hosts earn from their trips.

Validity: 1st Oct 2021 to 31st Dec 2021

Conditions: Only trips booked after 1st October 2021 qualify for this program.

Payout: The payout for the hosts will happen on the 1st of January 2022.

Note: For hosts doing long term rentals (i.e. 30 days or more for a trip), get in touch with Drive lah team for special offers. The above slabs do not apply to hosts doing long term rentals.
**The Earnmore incentives cannot be combined with Superhost or Semi-pro incentives.

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