Host no-show

When hosts rent out their car through Drive lah and have accepted the booking (or have instant booking turned on), it is assumed to be available for the guest. For this system to work, guests need to have confidence that their booking is firm and that they will not be left without transport if the host suddenly changes his plans.

If hosts does not show up for the pick up or is unreachable leading to the guest not being able to access the car, then:

  • the guest will be annoyed and unlikely to book your car again

  • we will charge the host in order to help compensate the guest for the inconvenience and for finding alternative transport ($40 + processing fee))

Like the cancellation policy please note that for no show the processing fees are also not refundable and need to be paid for by the host.

The guest will obviously receive the full amount for the trip back + the inconvenience fee (80% x $40) in credits. 

Guest no-show

If a guest does not show up for the start of the trip and does not let the host know in time, this is inconvenient for the host.

If the guest has not arrived at the location for the key handover at the trip start time and the guest has not informed the host of being late, then the host should send a message to the guest via the Drive lah platform. If the guest is unresponsive for 30 mins post the message and start time, then it is considered no-show.

If a guest books a trip in a Drive lah Go car, doesn’t cancel, and doesn't show up within 12 hours of the trip’s scheduled start time, it is considered no-show.

If a guest shows up to a trip with no license or with an invalid license, then the host can report a no-show.

If the primary guest sends an approved or unapproved additional driver to pick up the vehicle, the host can also report it as a guest no-show.

In case of a no-show a guest will be charged a maximum of 2 rental days and the host will be paid out the up to 2x the daily listing price.

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