Drive lah offers this Guarantee Program to all Drive lah Go hosts under which they will earn a minimum of 2X of the monthly subscription fee (

If the host earns less than $60 by the end of the month, the balance will be paid by Drive lah. This is subjected to a minimum of 80% Booking Acceptance Rate (for the month) by Drive lah Go hosts (i.e. the host ideally should not have declined any bookings from their end for that month - please keep your calendar open for at least 10 calendar days and updated in order to only receive bookings that suit your schedule).

This program is only applicable for a limited period and is not applicable to those Drive lah Go hosts who are under Trial.

Terms and Conditions:
1) Pricing of the car has to be within the recommended price by Drive lah according to car model & age.

2) At least 10 calendar days need to stay open for bookings for the month to be eligible for the Drive lah Go Guarantee program
3) Drive lah maintains the right to cancel or change the terms of the Guarantee program without any notice at its sole discretion.

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