Drive lah hosts can operate the Drive lah Go technology with SLICK Mobile App on both IOS and Android devices. We are moving to fully integrate the keyless access feature with the Drive lah App in the near future.

How to connect SLICK Mobile App to your vehicle?

  1. Select the car you wish to connect to. You can do so by swiping right/left on the app to choose the required vehicle

  2. Tap on the 'Connect' button. **

  3. Once you have successfully connected to the car, you will see a gold tick to confirm connection.

  4. You will now be able to see the lock, unlock and disconnect buttons on your screen.

  5. You have now successfully connected to your car & can now lock/unlock your car with your phone. Please note that the lock/unlock feature will only work when your phone is in close proximity to your car, just like your physical key.

** For Android users - if your Bluetooth is turned off, you will be prompted to turn your Bluetooth on at this point. Tap on "Ok" and the Bluetooth will be automatically turned on.

** For iOS users - If your Bluetooth is turned off, you will be prompted to turn on Bluetooth with a pop-up message. If you click "Ok", you will be redirected to the 'Settings' page on your phone where you will need to manually turn on Bluetooth before connecting to the car.

How do I start the car engine?

After you unlock the vehicle with SLICK app, depending on if the car is a push start or crank start, you may start the engine of the vehicle per normal.

**IMPORTANT note: For crank start vehicles, please do not use the actual key to unlock the vehicle. The lock/unlock feature must be operated via the SLICK app.

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