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What is Drive lah Flex?

Listings which can be booked for two months or more are part of Drive lah Flex. The per day rent for a long-term car booking is lower than the per day rent for a short-term booking. Drive lah provides deals which give the hosts and guests ultimate flexibility and transparency without financial commitment.

For Hosts

If your car is standing idle, or you are waiting to sell it, or you don’t want to drive your PHV car anymore; then sign up for Drive lah Flex. Guests would be able to book your car for two months or more for days which have full availability.

We highly recommend our hosts to register for long term rentals on their listings for the below benefits:

  1. Steady Earnings: Get fixed monthly earnings on your idle car

  2. Hassle Free: Just list your car on our platform and we will take care of the rest

  3. Insurance cover: If you have a private insurance, we provide comprehensive insurance throughout the trip

  4. Flexibility: With minimum rental periods of 2 months, you don’t have to commit to rent your car out for 1 year or more.

  5. Drive lah Go: You can also make use of Drive lah Go for long term bookings

Reach out to our customer support team for pricing recommendations and to list your car for Drive lah Flex!

Termination Policy for hosts

For hosts who cancel the long-term booking, without a valid reason, they will be charged a cancellation fee (as per trip cancellation policy).

More terms for hosts

  • Maintenance and servicing of the car would be provided by the host. During these times hosts are not required to offer a replacement vehicle.

  • Payouts are done by the end of each month.

  • The host will have to take back the car when the guest decides to terminate with one week’s notice.

  • If servicing takes more than 1 week, then the host will not receive payment for that week the guest can’t use the car.

For Guests

Get the ultimate flexibility by choosing your long-term rental duration and having the access to a car without the cost of ownership! Book the car online or simply reach out to use for the available options.

Payment for the current month and next month would be made at the time of the booking. The payment will be made 7 days prior to the start of the month. We will return any balance due.

Return the car anytime you want! No questions asked. Just give us a week’s notice. You can choose to return the car within two months then the daily rates will apply. No penalty. Please read the termination policy below.

Want a test drive? Book the car of your choice for up to a day. If you book it for two months or more, you get your test drive money adjusted in the long-term rental.

If the host takes more than a week to service the car, then the guest will not be charged for the period post that week till the time the car is returned.

Termination Policy for guest

If the guest wants to terminate the lease after two months then the guest must pay for the days of the last month for which the car was used based on the monthly daily rate. If the guest terminates the lease before 2 months, then the guest must pay for the whole duration based on the daily rate. Drive lah Flexi rates would not apply.


Scenario 1

Guest signed a contract to rent a car for a year @1800/month. He returned it after 3 months and 10 days with a week’s notice. The guest would be charged $1,800 for 3 months and 1800/30=$60 per day for 10 days.

Scenario 2

Guest signed a contract to rent a car for a year @1800/month. The listing also had a daily rate of $70/day (including Drive lah fee). He returned it after 1 month and 10 days with a week’s notice. The guest would be charged $70*40 days as he broke the minimum rental period clause.

For returns, follow this process

Inform Drive lah for the return. We will calculate the final payments. Return the car to the owner. Drop off services available at $30. The payment fee of 4% would be charged for the whole period of booking regardless of termination dates

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