The following criteria must be met to list your car for the Flex Program.

  1. The car should be an approved listing on Drive lah. Details for basic eligibility can be found here

  2. For the flex program specifically, pricing of the car needs to be within the pricing range recommended by Drive lah. For pricing recommendation, please contact the Drive lah team.

  3. Hosts need to maintain 100% acceptance rate for bookings received in flex.

  4. The car needs to be available uninterrupted for at least 2 months. Drive lah bookings are excluded from this.

  5. Hosts have to provide a minimum mileage of 100kms per day i.e. 3,000 kms per month.

  6. Instant booking is not applicable under the flex program.

  7. Non-adherence to pricing, availability & acceptance rates may lead to removal of the listing from the flex program.

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