If your car is standing idle, or you are waiting to sell it, or you don’t want to drive your PHV car anymore; then sign up for Drive lah flex. Guests would be able to book your car for two months or more for days which have full availability.

We highly recommend our hosts to register their cars on the flex program for the below benefits:

  1. Steady Earnings: Get fixed monthly earnings on your idle car

  2. Hassle Free: Just list your car on our platform and we will take care of the rest

  3. Insurance cover: If you have private insurance, we provide comprehensive insurance throughout the trip. Your own insurance and NCD is not impacted.

  4. Flexibility: With minimum rental periods of 2 months, no commitment needed.

Drive lah has done extensive market research on current long term rental prices in the Singapore market. We recommend you to get in touch with the Drive lah representatives to get the ideal price for your car.

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