1. What is the Drive lah Virus-Free Program?

We have partnered with Quantum-Ion™ , which uses AirTum Technology in its antiviral spray. The spray eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungus (including influenza H1N1 and HFMD) upon contact, and remains effectively in place for 60 days even with regular cleaning.

Hosts who have enrolled in this program can keep their cars virus free for up to 60 days, giving the ultimate peace of mind for both hosts and their guests.

See here for more information regarding the program: https://www.drivelah.sg/virus-free-program

2. How do I rent a car that has been verified virus-free?

Look out for listings with a “60 DAYS DISINFECTED” badge. The interior of these cars has been treated with an antiviral spray using AirTum Technology that is NEA-compliant and used in many large shopping malls and buildings across Singapore. The interior of cars with the special badge will remain disinfected for up to 60 days even with regular cleaning of surfaces, giving an added layer of security to guests.

3. How do I enrol in the program as a host?

1. Hosts who are interested to enrol in the program can choose to purchase a bottle of Quantum-Ion™ antiviral spray.

2. Receive the product in mail and apply it to your car interior according to instructions given on https://www.drivelah.sg/virus-free-program.

3. Sign an online declaration form (link will be given in your order confirmation email) and a “60 DAYS DISINFECTED” badge will be added to your listing and will expire after 60 days. Repurchase Quantum-Ion™ within 60 days and steps above to keep badge active.

4. How does Quantum-Ion™ work?

5. How many bottles of Quantum-Ion™ do I need to coat my car interior?

Depending on the size of your vehicle, approximately one bottle of Quantum-Ion™ can coat the interior of one car.

We recommend starting with the common touch-points first
(such as steering. area), for details on applying the product, please follow the instructions on https://www.drivelah.sg/virus-free-program.

After application of product. the coating will remain effectively in place for 60 days even with regular cleaning.

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