Drive lah is a peer to peer car sharing platform which means that you can rent cars from other people for hourly/ daily or even monthly periods. With Smove, you were renting commercial cars from rental companies which you were typically renting for a few hours mostly.

All trips with Drive lah are insured with our insurance partner Tokio Marine and hence full peace of mind guaranteed. Key differences with Smove are below:

Drive lah


Rental duration

Hourly, Daily, Monthly

Mostly hourly




Pick up locations

Unlimited. Always nearby

Select stations only

Fleet Size



Car Variety

Huge variety


Type of cars

Mostly personally maintained cars,

All commercial cars

Type of trips

A2A (Pick up and return to same location)

A2A, A2B (Can drop off at different location)

As you can see, with Drive lah, you get flexible access to cars just like Smove with added benefits of convenience, affordability & variety. With Drive lah, you return cars to the same point you picked up the car from. While with Smove, you could return it at a different location. However, you will realise that it is cheaper to rent car for a full round trip with Drive lah than to book a one way trip with Smove. So it is pretty obvious that taking a full round trip with Drive lah is the most affordable option.

Feel free to get back to us if you have any questions.

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