Terms & Conditions:

  1. The trip dates need to include 9th of May'21 as one of the dates of the trip. For e.g. So you can book from 8th to 10th and still claim the promo for 50% off on full trip value.

  2. The picture of the user with the mother needs to be uploaded on facebook or instagram before 10th May 11:59 pm. The post needs to be tagged as #Drivemalah else the promotion cannot be claimed.

  3. The % discount will be calculated as number of likes received on either instagram or facebook whichever are more. Suppose you get 45 likes on FB & 32 likes on Insta, you will get 45% off on your total trip value refunded as discount to you.

  4. The number of likes will be calculated as on 10th May 11:59 pm.

  5. The offer cannot be combined with any other promo other than the Smove welcome pack

  6. The discount is capped at 50% of the trip value (up to a maximum of $100) and will be refunded once the trip is completed for the full trip.

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