Cars with Drive lah Go 2.0 are installed with an IOT device, providing guests with the option of a keyless access.

Normal Process

  1. When you arrive to collect the car at the designated parking spot provided by your host, please ensure pick up followed. This is important for both getting access to the car and insurance purposes.

  2. Upload a selfie of you holding your driver’s license next to your host’s car along with other car photos when requesting for pick up.

  3. Once your host reviews the pickup request and confirms it, you will be granted access to the car. You will start seeing the Drive lah Go Lock & Unlock buttons on your trip page.

  4. Simply press Lock or Unlock based on your needs during the duration of your trip.

Video showcasing how the Drive lah Go 2.0 lock and unlock buttons are shown on the Drive lah Apps.

Trouble Shooting

If for any reason the pickup process is not followed (Guest are not able to send the request or Hosts could not confirm the request), guest will not be able to get the access to the car via the Normal Process. In such cases Guests should do the following:

  1. Get in touch with the Drive lah Support team immediately and let them know the Trip ID and the issue faced.

  2. The support team from the backend will update the status of your booking, thus providing you access to the car.

  3. You will now be able to access the car from via the Lock and Unlock buttons from the trip page. Same as shown in the video above.

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