We at Drive lah are committed to ensuring safety and well being of our hosts and guests. Hence we are doing our bit by encouraging our users to get vaccinated and rewarding those who have already done so. Starting 18th Aug'21, if you are fully vaccinated (both doses completed), then you would be eligible for free $10 Drive lah credits. These credits can be used as a discount on trips taken on Drive lah.

Important points to note:

  1. Only the individual with a valid Drive lah account can claim credits

  2. Both doses of vaccination need to be completed. Credits wont be provided on one single dose given

  3. The name of the account holder should match the one on the vaccine certificate uploaded.

  4. A valid government approved documentation proving that both doses have been given need to be uploaded.

  5. Once the documentation is uploaded, our team will verify and add credits to your account. This should happen within 2 hrs of uploading the documentation.

  6. Your personal data is fully secure with Drive lah in line with PDPA 2021.

    Valid from: 18th Aug'21

    Valid up to: 30th Sep'21

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