With our car sticker program, you can choose your favourite sticker, put it on your car and tell the world that you are a car sharing advocate. What’s more - you earn extra for doing so 🤗

You can choose the sticker you like from a variety of sizes and designs and get paid a monthly fee for hosting the stickers on your car. You can simply sign up for the program by contacting us and our team will assist you in installing the sticker onto your car.

Sticker Program Payouts

Small Stickers - $25 credits per car (one time upon sharing pics of the sticker)

Medium Stickers - $50 cash per month per car

Large Stickers - $88 cash per month per car

Sticker Sizes and Designs

Large sticker set comprises of a side sticker and a rear sticker ($88 cash payout per month per car)

Side view

Rear view

Medium sticker set comprises of a side sticker and a rear sticker ($50 cash payout per month per car)

Side view

Rear view (two options depending upon the car)

Option 1

Option 2

Small sticker (three options for you to choose from)

($25 credits one time)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information


1. How do I make an appointment for the sticker pasting?

You may write/call/chat with us about your interest and our team will contact you to set appointment for the putting the stickers along with photography.

2. Do I have to install the stickers myself?

For medium and large stickers, we will set an appointment for you to bring the car to a specified location for the sticker pasting and photography. For small stickers, you can put them yourself.

3. Is there an installation fee?

No. The installation will be free of charge along with the photography.

4. Do I get to choose the sticker I want?

Yes, you may choose the design and size in accordance to your preference.

5. Can I choose all 3 sizes of the stickers?

Unfortunately, no! You may choose just one depending on your preference.

6. Can I paste the Drive lah sticker if I have another company's sticker already pasted?

We cannot paste Drive lah stickers on your car if there are pre-existing stickers from any other companies.

Payments and Contract

1. When and how will I get paid for the stickers?

For medium and large stickers, the payments will be made to your bank account monthly directly to your bank account registered with Drive lah. For small stickers, one time Drive lah credits will be provided worth $25. The sticker still needs to be maintained for an year on the car.

2. How long is the contract?

The contract will last for a year.

3. What if the sticker comes off or is damaged during washing or cleaning?

No worries. We will redo the sticker if it’s damaged due to natural causes and will be taken up by our sticker program team.

4. What if I want to take off the stickers?

You may remove the sticker if the contract is completed.

For uninstallation of a large/medium sticker before the contract completion a charge of $150 shall apply.

If you want to uninstall the small sticker before the contract is over, then the $25 credits originally provided shall be reversed.

5. What happens if I sell the car within the contract period?

There must be a proof of sale and the contract will be considered void. No charges shall apply to the host once valid proof of sale has been provided.

For any further assistance, please feel free to contact our team with your query or interest in the sticker program.

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