With Premium Protection, guests can reduce their personal liability by up to $4280 in case of any accident/ damage. Currently, it is available for bookings on the web (via app to be available soon).

When you book a trip, it by default comes with Basic Protection. Under Basic Protection, your maximum personal liability is $6420 ($3000 for section I and $3000 for section II. Both plus GST). However, for just $6 per day or part thereof, your maximum personal liability reduces to $1000 excess for each section I & II excl. GST). thereby leading to potential savings of up to $4280.

Q1. How much does it cost to get Premium Protection?

A. For just $6 per trip day or part thereof, you get additional peace of mind and limit your excess to $1000 on section I and section II.

Q2. How can I get Premium Protection for my trip?

A. Once you have selected the car you want, you can choose Premium Protection from the add-on page. Currently Premium Protection is only available for bookings done via the web. Very shortly, it will be available on the app as well.

Q3. Can I buy Premium Protection after my booking is accepted?

A. Yes. You have the choice of buying Premium Protection any time before your trip starts. It won't be available once the trip starts.

The option to add Premium Protection after your booking request is confirmed (and before the trip starts) can be found on your trip page.

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