At Drive lah, we are committed to providing the best experience to our hosts & guests. We want to encourage hosts to rent out their cars more and drive up their earning potential. For this, we have brought in the Earn More program.

Program details:

  1. Hosts with successful bookings of 10 trip days/car in a quarter, get $30 extra/car

  2. Hosts with successful bookings of 20 trip days/car in a quarter, get $70 extra/car

  3. Hosts with successful bookings of 30 trip days/car in a quarter, get $125 extra/car

These payouts are over and above the rental fees, the hosts earn from their trips.

Can you show me an example calculation?

Calculations will be done at an average level. For example - if a host has 3 cars and the total number of trip days booked in the quarter is 45, then the host has completed 15 trip days/car. And therefore earns $30 x 3 = $90.

What are the conditions of the program?

  1. Only trips booked between 1st January 2022 - 31st March 2022 qualify for this program.

  2. Instant booking turned on for all cars (Minimum average 20 days for 3 months)

  3. Average Availability of your cars at at least 20 days/month

  4. Photography Program completed for all cars (Mandatory)

When will payouts happen?

The payout for the hosts will happen at the end of 1st week of April 2022.

What if I have a long term rental?

For hosts facilitating long-term rentals (i.e. 30 days or more for a trip), get in touch with Drive lah team for special offers. The above slabs do not apply to hosts doing long-term rentals.

Can I combine the earn more program earnings with Superhost or semi pro program?

The Earn more incentives cannot be combined with Superhost or Semi-pro incentives.

For any questions regarding the Earn More Program, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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