Celebrate this Women's Day with a 100% discount on trip fees! To be eligible for the promo, please read the terms below.

  1. The booking has to be made by women for it to be eligible for the promo.

  2. Booking has to be done between 12 am and 11:59 pm on 8th March.

  3. Trip dates for the bookings made during the promo can be for any future dates.

  4. Refund will be provided directly to your card by the end of March'22. The maximum refund will be $75.

  5. This offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions. Also, no credits can be used in combination with this offer.

  6. If the trip that you have booked is canceled or declined for any reason, then the promo cannot be redeemed.

  7. Only one redemption per guest is permitted.

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