At Drive lah we take safety very seriously. On top of best-in-class verification, guest onboarding process and Drive lah Go, we now introduce a next feature to enhance safety: Drive lah Go lite.

Drive lah Go lite is a state-of-the-art tracker that will be installed in your car for GPS location services.

Benefits of Drive lah Go lite:

  • Enhanced security: When installed Drive lah team will always be able to track where the car is during trips, both in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Enhanced accuracy of distance & fuel calculations: These calculations will then be via system-driven data instead of solely relying on guest input and pictures uploaded. As a host you can therefore be sure that no charge, whether fuel, excess kms or driving to Malaysia is missed in your earnings.


Subscription fee of $15/month. For this introductory phase, installation is free of charge.

All cars tested are compatible, so we expect to not have to disappoint anyone regarding compatibility. Reach out to to schedule an appointment.

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