Say hello to flexible car lease.

Say hello to Drive Lah Flex+.

COE is increasing rapidly and so are costs of long term leasing. Having a car at your disposal whenever you need is getting out of reach for many! On top of that, you keep paying even when the car is parked and you're not using it.

With Drive lah Flex+ (our car subscription model with earning benefits) we combine the benefits of of leasing - the freedom to own a car for a fixed amount per month, including maintenance and insurance - with attractive pricing, flexible contract duration and a contribution to our planet.

Monthly pricing & conditions

We currently have the following car models available for our Flex+ program. The price per month includes road tax, maintenance, insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, driving to Malaysia and GST.

No deposit required. Affordable and automated monthly payments. The monthly subscription fee shall be charged to the same credit/debit card hosts utilised for furnishing security deposit. All costs mentioned are subjected to a 4% processing fee.


  1. Register on Drive lah

  2. Both parties have to give 30 days' notice to cancel the subscription. Minimum subscription period is 2 months from the start of the contract date.

  3. Rent out your car minimum 4 days per month on Drive lah platform.

  4. Pricing should be as per Drive lah's recommended price.

  5. If you do not rent out the car for 4 days, there will be a charge of $125 per day. E.g. if you rent out 3 days, then you will pay $125 more than the monthly price as per table below.

  6. You are allowed to rent out your car more than 4 days per month and pocket the extra earnings. If you rent out 2 days per week you can expect to shave another $300-400 off the prices above depending on the car model.

  7. If your subscription ends in less than 30 days of the next billing cycle, then the number of days you need to rent out your car equals 1 per week or part thereof. E.g. when you started your contract on Nov 1st 2022 and on Feb 12th 2023 you notified us to cancel the subscription, then your subscription ends on March 12th 2023. You will be charged the monthly amount for February and for March just for 12 days. For March you need to rent out your car minimum 2 days in order to not be charged an additional $125 per day (see point 5 above).

Mileage package

The price includes 1500 kms per month. Additional kms will be charged at $0.60. Kms driven during days that you have rented out are excluded.

There is an option to increase mileage. There are 3 packages:

  1. add 500 kms (total 1500 kms per month) for $150/month

  2. add 1000 kms (total 2000 kms per month) for $250/month

  3. unlimited kms for $400/month


Excess is at $3000 for Section I & II each. It is possible to:

  1. add Premium protection ($1000 excess for Section I & II each) for $120 per month

  2. add Maximum protection ($0 excess for both Section I & II) for $300 per month

You can also add additional drivers to the subscription for $50 per month (up to 3 additional drivers per car).

We are offering this plan as a launch offer for a select few. So if you are interested, share your contact details in this link and we will get in touch with you.

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