It is the guest's responsibility to return the car on the agreed time. They have a grace period depending upon the duration of the rental. For e.g. for a rental > 24 hours, the grace period is 2 hours. That means, if a guest was supposed to return the car at 4 pm, then they can eventually return the car till 6 pm. They should put in their best efforts to return the car by 4 pm though. In case they are not able to return by 6 pm, then guests will be charged a late return fee.

Grace period will be as follows:

For bookings >=1 hour to <=6 hours: Grace period of 15 mins

For bookings >6 hour to <=12 hours: Grace period of 30 mins

For bookings > 12 hours to <24 hours: Grace period of 1 hour

For bookings >=24 hours: Grace period of 2 hours shall apply

Late fees are charged at $25 per hour (or the prorated daily trip price at Drive lah's discretion) depending upon the extent to which the delay has happened

80% of the late return fees will be paid out to the host. A 4% processing fees shall apply.

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