What is Instant Booking?

Listings with instant booking do not require approval from the host before they can be booked. Guests can directly make a booking without needing to make a booking request first. 

For hosts

If you have instant booking activated, it will apply to all available dates on your calendar. Please update your calendar regularly to maximise your bookings and earnings.

We highly recommend our hosts to activate instant booking on their listings for the below benefits: 

  1. Faster bookings: You will receive bookings without having to accept requests first.

  2. Higher earnings: You will make more income with your car by activating instant booking, Guests prefer listings they can instant book as this allows them to make confirmed plans.

  3. Filtered search: Guests can filter their search to only see listings with instant booking activated.

  4. Search placement: Listings with instant booking activated are prioritised on search placement. 

How do hosts activate instant booking?

How do hosts update their vehicles' availability?

For guests

Get your bookings confirmed right away without having to wait for acceptance from hosts! You can now filter your search to only view listings that have instant booking activated. 

There is a default 4 hour notice period for instant bookings and you may not book for any time between 12am – 7am. This ensures that hosts have ample time to prepare their car for your instant bookings. Hosts can choose to change this default notice period.

Cancellation Policy for Instant Booking 

1. If host cancels within 1 hour of booking request sent and automatically accepted, then no charges to the host. However, for instant bookings made after 10pm, the host has until 9am next day to cancel without costs.

If the cancellation happens more than 3 times* in any given month, then a penalty of $40 will be charged.
*Only if the trip starts less than 30 days from booking time.

2. If the host requests cancellation for a valid reason such as poor reviews of the guest, then they need to inform Drive lah within 12 hours of the booking being confirmed. Post this, Drive lah will take a decision on whether the cancellation fees will apply or not.

80% of the $40 charge will be paid to the guest in credits.

3. For guests, same cancellation policy applies as with regular bookings.

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