What is hourly rental?

Previously, guests could only book cars for greater than 12 hours.

Now with hourly rentals, hosts can now choose to rent out their cars for shorter durations (minimum 1 hour). This opens up a huge new segment of guests who are looking for shorter trips (< 1 day).

How is hourly pricing calculated?

The hourly pricing for your car is auto-calculated by the algorithm according to your daily pricing. The exact pricing will be shown to guests before confirmation of booking at the "Price breakdown" section.

What is the notice period for hourly rental?

The notice period is the gap between booking request time & pick up time. By default, the notice period for hourly rental is the same as daily rental - which is set at 2 hours for non-instant booking cars and 4 hours for instant booking cars.

Hosts can now adjust their own notice period to suit their schedule from the "Availability" section of their listing.

Can I turn off hourly rental for my listing?

Yes, you can! All listings have both hourly and daily rental activated by default, however you can choose to opt out of hourly rentals for your listing from the "Availability" section of your listing.

We do however encourage our hosts to keep hourly rental activated for your listings, as this would guarantee you more bookings, and maximise your potential earnings.

What is the grace period for late returns?
Grace period is defined as the leeway we give to the guests while returning the car. Late fees shall apply for guests if they exceed the grace period given. The grace period for all trips is 10 mins.

What are the padding hours ?

Padding hours refer to the minimum number of hours between 1st booking end time and 2nd booking start time. This ensures hosts have ample time to prepare their cars for their next booking.

The same padding hours of 2 hours shall apply for both daily and hourly rentals.

This means that there will be a minimum of 2 hours between 1st booking's scheduled drop-off time and 2nd booking's scheduled pick-up time

What is the cancellation policy on hourly rental?

Our regular cancellation policy and relevant cancellation charges shall apply for hourly rental bookings.

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