Hosts can now connect their Google calendars with Drive lah and see all the booking schedules in your calendar. Do note, the feature is currently available only on the Web, the App version will follow soon.

Connecting the calendar:

  • Go to Account Settings in your profile.

  • If you, the host, have any active / draft listings, you will see an option to ‘Connect Calendar’.

  • From here click ‘Connect Google Calendar’.

  • You will be redirected to a Google login page, where you will need to grant the required permissions. Once this is done, you can see that your account is connected with your calendar.

After connecting:

  • Once the calendar has been connected, any listings which get a booking will automatically get added to your calendar.

  • The invite to this calendar event will also be sent to the Guest email ID (with you being the event owner).

  • The same process will take place for every new booking that your listing receives.

Feature Availability:

  • At the moment the calendar connect feature is only available on the web. The app version will be launched soon.

  • Once the calendar is connected via the web, any booking your receive, either from the web or the app will show up on your google calendar.

  • This connection only needs to be done once by you, after which all the bookings will automatically get added to the calendar.

Please reach out to us for any queries regarding the Calendar Connect feature.

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