Until now, guests were required to refuel the car themselves. So let's say they picked up the car at 75% tank full, then they were required to return the car at 75% level. Any shortages were charged to the guest.

To improve convenience for guests and increase earnings for hosts we introduced fuel inclusion. If a guest opts for fuel inclusion, then he/she will pay for the fuel consumed (based on the distance driven) at the end of the trip. Guest is charged $0.39/km. Host receives $0.32/km and Drive lah's fees are $0.07/km. This feature is currently only available on web. App feature is coming out soon.

See below an example of your earnings with and without fuel inclusion:

NO fuel inclusion

WITH fuel inclusion

Guest rents a car priced at $65/day (price set by host) and drives 100 kms

Guest pays for rental including trip fees and refuels to original level at the end of the trip.

Host gets paid $65.

Guest pays for rental and does NOT need to refuel.

He/she pays $39 at the end of the trip automatically. ($0.39 x 100). Host share out of this $39 is $32.

Host gets paid $65 + $32 = $97

Guest rents a car priced at $65/day (price set by host) and drives 200 kms. During the trip they also refuel for $50.

Guest pays for rental including trip fees and refuels to original level at the end of the trip.

Host gets paid $65.

Guest pays for the rental. For 200 kms, they are charged = $78 ($0.39/km x 200). Host share out of this is $64.

On checkout, once they upload the refuel receipt, the $50 is refunded to the guest. Refund is based on 80/20 split between host and Drive lah.

So in effect:

Host gets paid $65 + $24 ($64 - 80%*$50) = $89

Q. How is the charge determined for fuel inclusion?

A. $0.39/km is the charge and the total charge depends upon the distance driven by you. Depending upon the car guest chooses,

  1. If it is a Drive lah Go car, the distance driven is calculated from the device and cross-checked with telemetry data from the device.

  2. If it is a physical key handover car, the distance driven is calculated based on odometer readings they enter at pick up and drop off.

Q. What if they need to refuel during the trip after choosing fuel inclusion?

A. Guests upload the fuel receipt at the end of the trip and Drive lah will refund them the amount spent on fuel based on the receipt and an 80/20 split with the host.

Q. Can they choose not to go for fuel inclusion?

A. Absolutely. It is an option for the guest. If the guest does not choose fuel inclusion, they can continue renting the way they were before and that would mean refuelling the car to the original levels.

Q. What are the benefits of fuel inclusion for Hosts?

  1. More earnings; you earn approximately $0.10 per km when guests choose fuel inclusion ($0.32 - $0.22)

  2. Guaranteed earnings. In case a guest uses more fuel than was charged, just raise it with us and we will handle it fairly.

  3. Control over the fuel type and petrol station where you want to fill.

  4. You offer a better experience to the guest.

Fuel earnings for host will always be higher than the actual cost of the fuel used. The fuel charge to the guest is linked to the actual fuel price on a monthly basis. In this case we are working with $3/L of fuel (https://www.motorist.sg/petrol-prices - SPC)

Calculation example

  1. Average fuel consumption of a car is 11km / L.

  2. Current fuel price is $3/L

  3. 20% discount with your petrol station (or credit) card

  4. Host pays $2.40/L = $0.22/km

  5. As Host gets $0.32/km from Drive lah, he/she earns an additional $10 for every 100kms driven by the guest

Q. Why does Drive lah need to charge a commission for the fuel portion?

Drive lah is charging a fee for the convenience being provided to the guest. We have put systems in place to ensure that the distance calculated is accurate. Moreover, Drive lah takes the risk of payment from the guest and absorbs payment processing fees for the fuel charge. This means that you will get paid for fuel irrespective if guest pays for it.

Q. With the fuel price being so high at this point, how do you make sure that the fuel inclusion charge doesn’t result in a loss for hosts?

First of all, Drive lah will pay out fuel compensation to the host no matter what. There is no risk for the host on receiving payment.

Secondly, in order to make it fair, we will be benchmarking the fuel inclusion pricing to the ongoing fuel prices in Singapore. First set of revision has already happened and the fuel charge to guest has increased to $0.39/km (with host earnings being $0.32/km). To start with, this would be a monthly exercise to update fuel prices. At some point, we aim to make it fully dynamic basis the prevailing daily fuel prices.

Thirdly, for Drive lah Go cars we cross check fuel consumption with kms to ensure all is done fairly. If you suspect that more fuel was used than what was compensated for (for non-Drive lah Go cars), then please raise it with us and we will investigate and pay out accordingly.

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