Drive lah collects and analyzes data to help hosts successfully price different car models across Singapore.

Variables included in the analysis are competitor pricing, location, views, conversions, age, car color, Drive lah Go, Instant Booking enabled, stickers, host responsiveness, number of trips taken, hourly bookings enabled and supply-demand ratio per neighbourhood.

Based on these variables we have identified 17 categories of cars which all have a price range for younger and older cars. The recommended range below is based on cars in these categories that are younger than 6 years. We also have cars that are not part of any of these categories - recommended prices can be found in the rental calculator for these cars as well. Dependent on the model and features (e.g. convertible, old-timer) recommended prices could vary from the table below.

Besides recommended prices, we have introduced a bottom and a ceiling for setting the price for your car. The reason for this is that the experience for guests depends on a certain level of uniformity of price on the platform.

Price recommendations will be updated regularly, depending on developments in the market. If you want to know how to set the right price for your car, please keep an eye out on the rental calculator or reach out to our host team.

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