A preauthorisation is taken to ensure that any additional charges arising out of your trip in form of incidentals can be appropriately settled and host compensated for. Once a guest completes three trips, they wont be required a preauthorisation unless they have had a dispute.

This preauthorisation may appear as a pending transaction on your internet banking, PayPal account or credit card statement. The pre-authorisation is temporary and will be released from our end 24 hours after the trip has ended. The money doesn't ever leave your account, it's just a hold to ensure the credit card is valid and working. When the pre-authorisation is released, you won't see a credit of the amount going back into your account. Instead, the pending charge disappears and the funds become available to you again. Once we release from our end, it may take 5-6 days for it to disappear from your account depending upon the bank.

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