Now with the first-of-its-kind delivery feature, you can get your favourite car delivered & picked up right at your doorstep.

Booking a car with delivery feature

To see vehicles available for delivery, enter your location and travel dates. Then apply the “Delivery” filter to your search results. Note that the maximum delivery radius is 6 km (this is aerial distance which translates to approx. 10 km road distance). Upon checkout, choose "Delivery" and you are all set.

Do note that delivery feature can be availed for pick up and drop off times between 9 am and 9 pm.

Paying for delivery

If you choose delivery when you book your trip, we’ll charge the delivery fee ($20) as part of your total trip cost. The delivery fee covers the cost of both drop off and pickup. All payments must be done via the Drive lah platform. Paying hosts directly violates our Grey market transaction policy and terms of service.

For a smooth delivery & pick up

The host would themselves be delivering & picking up the car from you. Please ensure that you respect the pick up and drop off times and not be late. Please coordinate with the host via the Drive lah app.

What if the host is delayed in dropping or picking up the car?

If the host has not arrived at the location for the key handover at the trip start time and the host has not informed the guest of being late, then the guest should send a message to the host via the Drive lah platform.

In case the host doesn't respond, then it is treated as a no-show and hence a penalty of $40 to the host shall apply. If the host does respond and is 30 mins late, then a penalty of $20 shall apply to the host. If they are an hour late, a penalty of $40 shall apply. The penalty is capped at $40.

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