You can either extend your trip or change the dates of an existing trip (with same duration). For this, you must submit a trip modification request via Drive lah website (At this point, this feature is only available on the website and not on app).

You can submit a request before the trip begins, while it’s in progress, or up to two hours before the scheduled trip end time.

A trip change is only valid if you make the request through Drive lah and your host accepts it. If you keep your host’s car past the scheduled end time without their approval via the Drive lah system, you will be charged late return fees and it may void your protection plan.

To request to modify your trip, follow these instructions:

  1. Log onto and open your Dashboard (currently the feature is only available on web)

  2. Tap your “Driving” trips and select the trip you’d like to change

  3. Go to “Important links to your trip” section and select “Edit Trip”

  4. Enter your modified date and time for pick up and/or drop off.

  5. Continue to payment. Remember you will only be charged if the host accepts the modification request.

How will I know if my modification request is confirmed?

If the host accepts your request, we’ll notify you, record the change in Drive lah, and charge any balance due. If they don’t respond, reject your request, or the system blocks your request, you must begin and end the trip at the booked times. Remember you are always supposed to wait for the host to confirm your modification request else you must return the car on scheduled date & time.

What will it cost to extend my trip?

A. In case your modified trip is of the same duration, then there are no additional charges to modification.

In case your modified trip is longer than the original duration, then you are charged for the time difference.

E.g. let's assume you booked a trip from 10th Dec 9 am to 11th Dec 9 am. This booking was done on 7th Dec.

Example A:

On 8th Dec, you decide to extend the booking to 11th Dec 6 pm (instead of 9 am). In this case, once you sent a trip extension and it is accepted by the host, then you will be charged for 9 hrs additionally.

Example B:

At 7 pm on 10th Dec, you decide that you want to extend by another 3 hrs - hence your new drop off time would be 11th Dec 12 pm. Then once the host accepts, you will be charged for 3 more hrs.

Example C:

At 7.30 am on 11th Dec, you decide that you want to extend by another 3 hrs. However since the drop off time is less than 2 hrs away, your trip cannot be extended.

Do I get money back if I end a trip early?

No. At this point, we do not support shortening of trips.

Why can’t I extend my trip?

There are several reasons why you may be unable to extend your trip.

  • You may have insufficient funds available on your payment card.

  • The vehicle may not be available due to another booking, a buffer between trips, a calendar block, or your host needs it.

  • It could be that your extension request expired because your host didn’t reply or didn’t accept your request.

Whatever the case, if you don’t receive host approval via the Drive lah system to extend, you must return the vehicle as scheduled or immediately if the scheduled trip end time has passed. Failure to do so could result in charges for additional usage and related fees and may void your protection plan

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