For normal trips, guests are required to refuel the car themselves. So let's say they picked up the car at 75% tank full, then they were required to return the car at 75% level. Any shortages were charged to the guest.

To improve convenience for guests we have introduced fuel package. If a guest opts for fuel package, then they will pay for the fuel consumed (based on the distance driven) at the end of the trip. Guests need to ensure that they return the car with min 25% fuel level. If they do refuel, then they will be refunded the refuel amount.

Q. How can I add the fuel package to my trip?

A. Fuel packages can be added from two places:

  1. On the checkout page while making the booking, you will see an option to select fuel package. Remember that you will be charged only once the trip is completed for the fuel consumed.

  2. You can add fuel package even after the booking has been made, anytime till the trip has started. Simply head on to the trips page > Go to 'Add-ons for your trip' > Select the Fuel package from there.

Q. What are the charges for fuel package?

A. Different cars need different fuel considerations. Therefore we have three different categories with varying charges:

  1. Regular Car (Category I): $0.34/ km

  2. Car with High Fuel Consumption (Category II)Low mileage cars: $0.49/ km

  3. EVs ( Category III): $0.25/ km

Q. How is the distance travelled determined?

A. Depending upon the car type

  1. If it is a Drive lah Go car, the distance driven is calculated from the device and cross-checked with telemetry data from the device.

  2. If it is a physical key handover car, the distance driven is calculated based on odometer readings they enter at pick up and drop off.

It is critical for hosts and guests to follow pick up and drop off process for the charges and payments to apply.

Q. What if I need to refuel during the trip after choosing fuel package?

A. It is possible that even after selecting fuel package, that you have to refuel the car during your trip.

  1. Ensure that you keep receipts for every refuel done during the trip.

  2. During drop-off, you will be asked to upload the fuel receipt.

  3. Drive lah will refund the amount spent on fuel based on the receipt.

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